Friday, December 29, 2006

And the FUN begins...

We have our first foster baby. Okay, dog. Sparky is a lively Boston Terrier surrendered by his former owners because he needs more attention than they have time to give. He has adapted to our home quickly. He's escaped twice, but came back once and stopped to let me grab him the second time. He LOVES to feel the wind in his face, I guess. He has a fascination with tiny plastic toys, and we are working on this.....I also caught him in one of Annalynn's incredibly nasty diapers that he dug out of the garbage. Kind of gives a new meaning to "getting shit faced." hahaha...........ewwww....He will be going up on the Midwest Boston Terrier website in the next few days, hopefully. go to to see Sparky. If he's not up, check back in a couple days. We will only foster one at a time for now. It's very rewarding to know we're helping these little ones find their forever homes instead of being dumped in shelters or killed on the roadside. If I can figure out how to put a pic on my blog, I'll put one up.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Pass the Chips Please

Okay, this is one of those precious mommy-don't-yell-this-it-too-cute moments. Day and I and Annalynn ate a little lunch yesterday. I left the bag of chips on the table when we were done. I went upstairs and a bit later came down and the FIRST thing I saw was the look on Annalynn's face that CLEARLY told me "OOPS, she caught me." Then very sweetly she says "Only eat the ones in the bowl." I look next to her and there is her little veggie tale bowl with about 6 inches of chips piled up and spilling over the sides. And obviously the rest of the bag was around the bowl on the drum case where the dogs lay. I just laughed and said "Honey, it will take you 2 weeks to eat the ones in the bowl." She is just too sweet.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


OH my GOODNESS if I don't get this nap thing down I'm gonna go absolutely freaking NUUUUUUUTTSSSSS. Okay fellow moms............gimme some advice for putting toddlers down for a nap. I mean, I KNOW when my child needs a eyes, rubbing eyes, stumbling, getting clumsy and hurting herself, it's "nap time" anyway, I mean the signs are all there and when I DO finally get her to close her eyes for anything longer than 30 seconds, she's asleep within 2 minutes MAX and SHE SLEEPS FOR 3 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What I DON'T like is having to yell, get nasty and threaten to put her in time out if she doesn't close her eyes NOW. What has worked so far, but is not working lately is this: I tell her that when we're done with the present activity, we're going to read a few books and take a schnoozy together. We finish what we're doing, go in and lie down and she picks out 2 or 3 books, I read.WE kiss and sometimes say a prayer and she pretty much goes to sleep. Even if I have to lay with her a little and cuddle and give some hugs and stuff, it's pretty much been working. What I've heard is SO true "you get it all figured out and then the rules change. Nap time over the last week or so has driven me to the point of calling Jenny CRYING, calling Day and asking how far he is from the house so HE can do it, just wanting to get in the van and DRIVE and let the DOGS watch her (I'm not going to do that so PLEASE don't call social services...) and just flat out sticking a garlic laden red hot POKER in my eye..........SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE.