Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Tip of the Week

Got a snake problem? Throw dog shit in yer hole. Yep. We are moving into a new "old" house and there is a big hole in the steps leading to the house. My mom went over today to paint a room and she was attacked by a garter snake. I called animal control - "nope, we don't do snakes. call this number." I call this number. "nope, we don't do snakes BUT here's what you can do..." so this lady proceeds to tell me that if you make the snakes think there's a predator in the area, they will leave and not inhabit that hole anymore. great. where they gonna go? The BASEMENT??? So she said to throw cat poop in the hole. Or "urinated on paper towel." How do you do that? Here kitty kitty, can you pee on this paper towel for me please??? So I asked about dog shit. She said that would work too. So SMUDGE is going to earn his keep for the month. OOPS, gotta run and get a baggie. See ya later...........

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Patty thoughts

OH MY GOODNESS, has it really been 4 MONTHS since I've last blogged? I guess I'm so busy reading everyone else's out there, I don't have time to do my own. Okay, folks. I'll get on it and get some funny stuff going again. Hmmmmm......what to talk about now..............any ideas? How about public bathrooms, why the heck do they make the stall doors open IN????? You have to straddle the seat where everyone else has done things "they'd never do at home..." I always loved it when someone would ask me that...."do you do that at HOME???" NOOOOO dummy. That's why I do it HERE. Because I CAN!!! See that rebel comes out and lashes her ugly head every so often. I have to beat her back down with a RAMS HORN!!!!!!!!! Hey, for you moms out know you're a mom scrub your floors at 11:30 pm. hahaha. We're getting ready for the big move. House is still available for rent in case anyone from CALIFORNIA wants to move back out here. hee hee hee