Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Drama Continues

Gosh, it seems like all I do on this is make time to complain. Hmmm...I guess it's better to complain to people who choose to read it rather than folks that don't wanna hear it. We are kicking out the renters. They continue to lie, promise rent payment and delay it over and over. When Day called the guy the other day, he told him that more than likely, they are going to have to find a new place to rent. The guy went into the "I know how the system works, you have to send a letter, I have so many days to respond, I know more than you and your attorney" crap. Well, we're done. Done with late payments, done with being lied to, done with cocky little attitudes from someone who is not working and sits on his computer all day and plays games. It goes on and on. SOOO, we will have a house for rent in about a month. Anyone know of anyone looking, please pass on our info. We're not slumlords, we just want to have decent renters. Thanks for listening. Be glad it stops here. haha.