Saturday, May 08, 2010

Little Blue Cornflowers

The other day, Annalynn and I were down in the flower garden and we saw the little blue cornflowers we'd planted on Lucy's grave. They were just starting to bloom. I told her in a few days, we'd pick them and put them in a little vase to remember Lucy by. These have been very special...about a year ago, or so, Annalynn went to a birthday was at McDonald's. They gave out goodie bags and in the bag was a little seed packet. I figured they were probably old junk seeds and never expected them to come up. Nonetheless, Annalynn wanted to plant them in the garden. Lucy, a Boston foster of ours, had recently passed away and we missed her very much. She was one of our very favorites. Another very sad story, rags to riches, at the door of death brought back to life kind of we planted these little seeds on Lucy's fresh grave. Lo and behold, they grew. And they bloomed. The prettiest little blue flowers, like they were made from tissue paper. And not only that, but those plants stayed green thru the winter. Every time I'd go down there, I'd be amazed that those bushes never hibernated or died. They remained a bit green and alive thru the winter months. Now I did a bit of research on the web and discovered it is an annual, and it was on the endangered list in Europe for some time....Well, today I walked down to the garden. I noticed some rocks had been turned over and not replaced. I then noticed big holes here and there. Someone had been in our garden over the last couple days and had dug up several of our flowers. Including Lucy's cornflowers. This made me very sad. I was so upset, I walked back up to the house. I think i saw maybe one stalk left. I hope they last until we can move from this place can a person go onto someone's property and dig up their plants and carry them off to replant them in their own yard? As I looked around, I noticed several spots where things had been dug up. An entire hosta plant, some bulbs here and just made me sick. So as Annalynn and I talked about this tonight, we said a prayer for that person who did this. All I can do is teach my daughter how to extend forgiveness in a fallen world and continue to teach her morals and how to love people and life. Right now, though, I am having a hard time with this one. We lived near a Christmas tree farm at one time. Every winter, someone would manage to steal a tree or two, and it never ceased to astound me how someone could steal a tree and then go home and put presents under it. There is something just not right about that. Well, tomorrow is another day. We'll see what that holds..........


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