Monday, November 07, 2005

I'm BAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

Yes. Things are better. I am telling you, like THAT, BAMMO!!!! The "weird" stuff has stopped. Although I am sitting here typing this and hearing a very unusual banging somewhere, oh, wait............those are the drums in my head........boom boom boom boom...............No more vehicle damage. Rent seems like it will always be late, but they are making efforts. Might work out after all. I am actually liking this place more and it is feeling more and more like home. Day has been working a LOT of overtime. He works his normal hours and then on top of that, every other week he is on call 24 hours. The last 2 weeks that he has been on call, he worked I think 38 hours over and 37 hours over. So we have not been getting much done at AAALLLLLLLLLll on the stuff that needs to be fixed up. I have been able to do a little painting.........very little, but we finally got Annalynn's room done. She gets up in the morning and the first thing she says is "room!" (she sleeps with us.)She gets up and wants to go in her room!!! It is lavendar with white trim and off white plush carpet. Our one splurge. This kid may not have any Halloween candy, but she has the plushest carpet of any 20 month old I know. hahaha!!! And my mom is an artist, so grandma came and painted a castle and pond with frogs and a swan "kack kack" in it. It also has hot air balloons. Annalynn LOVES it. She points to the "gees" (froggies.) SHE IS SO SWEET!! My attitude has really turned around too. Thanks to you who have been praying for me. God is really doing a work and some big healing in me. Wow, this was a tough test. But He is faithful. Financially, although Day has been doing lots of OT, we have been digging out of a very big hole. NOt quite out yet. Still waiting for his company to reimburse him for somewhere between $400-600 worth of expenses he has racked up over the last few months. When that comes, we might be in just a mud puddle instead of the quicksand lake. haha. Thank God that in His infinite wisdom, he has given me 365 days to start over every year.