Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bye Bye House

Well, I was a bundle of emotion today. Day went over in the morning and mowed for the last time. And locked himself out. Had to be something happen today. So we had to meet the realtor where she was at another meeting and get the key and go back and get his keys out of the house. Then we went to the closing. It was weird to sit in the driveway with Annalynn and eat our lunch. Lots of memories there. I felt so tired and just icky afterwards. Went home and Annalynn and I took a very long nap while Day went and fixed an ATM. Slept thru all the storm stuff. Woke up to the tornado siren going off and Smudge howling and incredibly loud thunder and lots of lightning. but I have always loved storms, so Annalynn and I didn't think a thing of it. So, now we can move on and not have to worry about any more "stuff" with the Valpo house. Sad but glad. Thanks to all who encouraged us, prayed for us and helped out through all of this.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Try It Now

Okay, a few things I need to clear up here, our closing is AUGUST 21st, NOT September 21st. Sorry 'bout that. So for all you praying folks out there, pray there are no glitches for the day after tomorrow!!!! We have already been told the buyers did not take care of getting homeowners insurance like they should have, but all is supposed to be taken care of by Wednesday. Also, our realtor called tonight and said they requested that the lawn be mowed once more before closing. Okay, Day works, but he is taking Wednesday off to make it happen. I really hope this is the end of this tale. I will let you know how it goes.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Praise the Lord

For all of you who have been following the saga, we have a closing date. After only the third showing on the house, they made an offer. We have a closing date of September 23rd. I am excited, but keeping my glee in check until I have money in the bank. THEN I'll put my dancing shoes on. It was bittersweet the last time I was over there. I went to plant some flowers around the entrance and as I looked over the fence into the back yard, I remember Annalynn running around and playing in her first pool. I got kind of misty and decided I did not want to go back again. Am I being melodramatic, or is it just that way with your first house? I mean, some folks stay in the same house their whole lives. I guess I started to get attached to this one. I think if it were not for Day's job, we'd still be there. I miss being on a dead end street with no traffic. I am not too keen on living right in town. Day and I have decided that when the 2 years is up (home sale tax stuff.......) we will look for a place back in the country. I really miss having a big garden and NOT having cars whizzing by all day. I miss the quiet. So for now, keep your address books as they are. Haha. I have joked with friends before that the "P" page in the address book always has one spot that is written over and over and scribbled out a lot. Thanks to all of you who have been encouraging, prayed for this situation and helped out in getting the house back into shape. We plan on having some kind of dinner or pizza party for the folks who helped out on the place. Will let you know when it is really "over."