Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The great Harry Potter debate

Well, I have had several people ask me about this. My opinion is usually looked at as that "crazy religious lady and her closed mind." Today, something really interesting happened, so I guess the choice has been made. We have an older video in our cabinet called "Cats and Dogs." Annalynn has never seen it. I have watched it once or twice. It's cute. It was given to me by my sis I think. Anyway, it's been forever since I have watched it. Annalynn decided she wanted to see it. So I put it on and left the room. Well, the "sneak peeks" were on before the movie. I happened to walk in as one of the Harry Potter movie previews was on. Annalynn, WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM ME, OR WEIRD LOOKS OR COMMENTS, was VERY disturbed. She said "I don't like this mommy, this is not a nice show." And although I fast forwarded it and told her that was just a sneak peek from another movie, and again did not make a big deal out of it, she insisted I take the tape out and now she will have nothing to do with it. She has always been very sensitive to spiritual things. The other night, Day woke up in the middle of the night from a very horrible dream. I woke at the same time, also from having a horrible nightmare. Annalynn had chosen to sleep with us this particular night. She has been sleeping in her own bed for some time now, but occasionally crawls in with us. So the next night, I asked her where she wanted to sleep. She said "my room mommy. Your room has scary things in there." She has never said this before. So there was something causing us to both have nightmares. That little girl picked up on it, I am convinced. SO, the argument in THIS house is settled. NO HARRY POTTER and I am JUST FINE with that. Amen.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Got dogs?

I do. Since my old Barky Sparky passed, I have gotten 2 new fosters. Again, old dogs that were strays, wandering around in the cold. Raymond is estimated at 10 years old. Bald butt, ugly screw tail that just wiggles and wiggles because he is SO happy. Eyes getting cloudy, hearing not too incredible...had a dental done while they were removing a large growth from his gumline and they removed 6 bad teeth. One had been fractured and was busted up and part of it sticking out sideways thru his gum. So recently he also had a growth removed from his back kneecap and has about a 3-4 inch incision site that had stitches and was in a full leg cast so he would not bend it til it healed. The first time I carried him down the steps to potty, he looked up at me like "what do I do now??" His back legs are not very strong, he never "sits" and so I'd pat him on the butt and point to the ground and I'd hold his good leg steady while lifting the casted leg and he'd pee. He's a very smart boy. His stitches are out now and he's doing well. He will probably be a permanent foster as he needs to be let out to pee about every 45 minutes. Sometimes he can go an hour, sometimes 15 minutes.

Then there is Miss Daisy. Crazy Daisy I've been calling her. Another stray. Used for breeding you can tell. Those little boobs hang low. She had a huge growth on her back leg that would swing like a bag full of jelly. Also had a huge mammary tumor removed, about 2 inches by 1 inch by 1 inch. We are waiting on biopsies of those before looking to place her in a home. She also had a knot on top of her head removed that every time she bumped it, it would bleed. She also had a dental and some teeth removed. Some had pus around them. She is VERY feisty now that she is feeling better. She would make a WONDERFUL companion for someone. She is estimated at 8 years old.

Annalynn at 3 1/2 knows her states and continues to impress us with her natural gift of comedy. Some of the stuff she comes up with is just unreal. She is getting very tall and her "thing" lately is going with me to the movie store and picking out her own kids movies. The kids movies are free, so this helps and is a lot of fun for her. She "trains" her stuffed animals. She will come to me and ask for a leash so she can "do training." She will put a collar and leash on her froggy or kittie and tell them to "heel..............good heel." "Stay.........down...........good down." Then she will put her "pet" in one of the kennels and say "now you stay there." She will come and tell me the "kitty is resting for awhile." And then she'll go play for awhile and go back and get the kitty out.

Day made the teaser DVD for his show he's been creating. It is incredible. Now we're just working on securing an agent to then make a half hour show to send to a producer. I'm very proud of him. More as the days go's hard to do what I do for the rescue, take care of 5 dogs and a little girl and have time for anything else. Merry Christmas if I don't blog before then...........

Sunday, December 02, 2007

I will be back

shortly. Almost forgot I had a blog. haha. I'll be back very soon to post and catch ya'll up on my incredible life.