Monday, February 18, 2008

Controversial Maybe?

Okay, I am not one for getting into "race" stuff or political stuff or consipracy theories. I do not claim to know much about trade, importing, safety guidelines, etc.....HOWEVER, I am noticing a lot of stuff in the news with China that is making me wonder....First the pet food in the world could someone do that...but then, hey, THEY EAT THEIR DOGS.......Why the hell should they care about mine??? Then the whole toy thing. I am finally flipping things over that I look at in the store to see where it's made....Now when I see "Made in China" I usually put it back down. I'd rather spend a few dollars more and feel a little better about what's in it. Now the "illegal mine disguised as a wild boar farm..." explosion. How long will people keep turning their heads and saying "oh well, so what...." I am starting to want to keep up on world events a bit more.......People complain about the US not having enough jobs, and how they want it "made in the US." But then they bitch and moan when they have to pay more for things made here. Well, do you want cheap crap or do you want to support our workers? I mean, if you can buy a big bottle of Vitamin C for $2.99 and "get one free" don't you think it might be JUNK??? The store makes money, the middleman that gets it to the store makes money, and the foreigners (can't believe I am saying this...) that MADE it with CHEAP crap ingredients also made money. SO, if those hundred tablets are only really worth 25cents, don't we think there is something WRONG here?????? Waste less, spend a little more on better stuff and look where it's made. Sorry, I'm rambling. This probably doesn't even make sense. Like I said, I don't claim to be a politically educated person.But this is really starting to make me think.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Buster Gets a Trim

Well, I guess it was inevitable. I have heard many "scissors horror stories" from many moms. I was upstairs yesterday, and Annalynn was downstairs, playing quietly...or so I thought........As I came down the stairs, she turns to me, with her little green scissors in her hand, and just gave me "this look." I asked, "HONEY, what are you DOING?" She was holding one of her little pet shop kitties, that used to have hair, and now the hair was on the floor. She replied, "I was giving my kitty a hair cut." Well, I walk over and look at the floor, and there's a lot more hair, and it does NOT feel like Littlest Pet Shop hair. This black, gray and white hair is.........real. So I looked down at it and I asked, "What's THAT?" She says, "That's just Buster's hair." So, I went to find Buster. Buster the cat now has a couple little bald spots on his back. And a little "trimmin" on one side. Thank you JESUS it was not Buster's EAR.....or TAIL. So I did not discipline her as we have never discussed what we can and can't cut. I first had to send her upstairs while I composed myself, because I was laughing to my self so hard. Then I called her back down and we sat down and had "the scissors talk." Let's hope for the best. Meanwhile, Buster might be starting a new fad in the kitty haircut world................