Thursday, April 14, 2005

Foolish Things Shame the Wise

You know, I always read that scripture literally. "He will use the foolish things to shame the wise." I understand it today in a whole new light. It's not literally the foolish things, it's the things WE THINK APPEAR foolish. It's our judgement of what is "foolish." And you know what, I am beginning to see that all the times I've thought something was foolish, I was the one being the fool. And what is going on is I'm finding out I'm not as "wise" as I thought. God, in His INFINITE mercy is not actually "shaming" me, He is teaching me. Very subtle little things that appear foolish or silly to someone else, He is using to teach me some basic stuff. This might sound like the ramblings of a madwoman, or like I have a screw that needs to be tightened a few notches, but in my quest to try and straighten out my mixed up mind, I am finding if I take time to notice the little "silly" things and the lessons I can learn from them, He will speak to me. For so long I'd been hung up in "doing" things for Him. Know what? He doesn't need my help. Yours either. I found my spiritual identity for so long in all the stuff I was "doing" that the relationship got put on the backburner. And it's showing in my life. And my lack of love, patience and peace. So let Him teach me through poopy diapers and silly songs. Even Sandi Patti songs, for crying out loud. I could never stand that woman. I found myself sitting in the car the other day with Annalynn in the back seat listening to this tape a lady at church gave me "Bible Songs for Kids" by Sandi Patti. And I'm sitting there singing "Whisper a Prayer" just crying away. wow. Jesus loves the little children never meant anything to me before. Now it does. I see now I have to start over and go back to the basics. Jesus died for me. He loves me. He's coming back for me. Whether I feel like it or not. So Lord, speak to me through "poopy", stains on my shirt, silly songs and little hugs. I'm listening again.