Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Dog Trainer is Coming!

Hello all. Been busy with dogs and Annalynn and Day's new crazy schedule at the mill. September 5-7, we are having the first Annual Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue picnic/training event. Team Indiana is hosting this year, so I am busy gearing up for that. Anyone reading this blog, I wondered if you could do me a favor. If you know someone that owns a business that might like to donate something for our silent auction, can you send them my email address or phone number? We are trying to raise money for our medical needs dogs and we are doing a silent auction with some really great stuff. If you have a dog and would like to come to the training, you can go to www.whosthedog.net and go to "schedule" and download the registration form. The "dog seats" will go quickly, so if you want to bring your dog, send it in to me. If you want to come without a dog, that is fine too. Also, if you want to make a little road trip up to Michigan City to the Holiday Inn where the training will be held, you can take a peek at what we have and enter a bid. You do not need to be present Sunday when winners are announced. I will contact you to collect money and get you your prize. Also, if you'd like to put in a bid, but cannot attend,I can send you a list of what we have and enter a bid for you. A little newspaper called "The Local" is running a story on our rescue and myself and my dogs will be featured. I'll try and remember to post a link to the article if it is available online. Thanks much. pat